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I've finally uploaded the pictures from my trip to California onto my computer. And I'm going to split it up into parts because I have a lot of pictures and what not.

So... My first three days there I was still pretty sick but on Monday we drove to Big Sur. It was pretty cool because it's on this highway that's right on the coast and there are certain places where you can pull over and take pictures of the beach and what not. And I took a lot of pictures, haha.

And then we went to this random restaurant that was right off the highway and it was really nice there so I took some pictures from there too. And then I realized that my cellphone had fallen out of my pocket at one of the places where we stopped to take pictures.

These were the stupid vicious birds that kept trying to steal everyone's food...

And this is a house that was on the cliff. I really have no idea how they get down there because there were seriously no roads leading to it.

On the way back, we stopped at pretty much every thing on the side of the road that we had stopped at before and I found my cellphone. I was really surprised that it was still there but it was wicked damaged. And I took a picture to always remember my little Derek Zoolander phone.

R.I.P. :(
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