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I've decided there's nothing better than doing 65 on the Thurbers Ave. Turn blasting Lit. Going really fast in Shitty McWhorebeast makes me smike. Little smiles, but smiles nonetheless.

Parking at the hospital is all kinds of crazy. First I parked in the parking lot behind the building, walked to the hospital, and the lady was all "you must pull your car up here." Well, that made me worried cause I HAD NO MONEY TO LEAVE THE LOT. But luckily, I was only gone for 10 minutes, and up to 15 minutes was free! So I moved it again, parked where I wasn't supposed to park and got my dad.

The waiting room made me SO sad. I hate hospitals. I hate waiting rooms. I hate what they remind me of. I was sitting next to an old couple, one was going in for surgery. It was so sad. I hope she made out ok. Then my dad came out, he was fine, yay. So I brought him home and he fell asleep while I fiddled around. Then we got Papa Gino's. And then.. I had to go hhome cause I forgot to pack nice pants for my KMART THING tomorrow. EEEE. But yea. That's it.

"I hate breating because every breath I take proves I can live without you." <-- I like that.

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